Saturday ROSE Show Floor Entrance

$35.00 USD

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For Saturday June 1, 2024

Good for admission to our 2024 event show floor on Saturday June 1st from 10am-4pm.  Buy your ticket online and save!  Tickets purchased at the time of the event will be priced higher. Due to the limited space entrance tickets may sell out.


Tickets for this event will be picked up when you check in at ROSE!

There are no refunds allowed for this ticket.

*The Conference Center (CC) that we are renting is a private facility. You will comply with any conditions imposed by CC for the use of the facility.

Tobacco, smoking, vaping, alcohol and recreational drugs are prohibited anywhere on the CC property, which includes the parking areas. Food and drink, other than water bottles, are only allowed in the designated eating area, and not on the showroom floor. 

Shirts/tops must be worn at all times. This is a family friendly center; dress appropriately or you may be asked to change.

You have no expectation of privacy while at CC. Photography and video are not restricted. Your presence at the Expo constitutes consent to be photographed and filmed.

If You violate any of the above, ROSE may expel you from the Expo without refund.