Advanced Details Reborning


Hi, my name is Elisabetta Monari, I'm an Italian reborn and silicone artist since 2004. I've created many many babies and taught in person and online classes since 2013.

Welcome to my ADVANCED DETAILS CLASS! This course is dedicated to who wants to perfect their game and learn professional techniques. We will learn to paint ultra realistic multi dimensional lips, newborn nails, milia, blemishes, apply lanugo, 3D looking eyebrows, freshly healed belly button and many other details that "make the difference" between a beautiful doll and an ultra realistic one. Materials will be provided, class duration is about 8 hours. There will be a break for lunch. The class fee is $350. There's a non refundable deposit of $100 due at the time of enrollment, with final payment due on April 25th.

MATERIALS PROVIDED: set of brushes, set of ultra thin brushes, sponges, Prismacolor pencils, trial set of STUDIO REBORN specialty air dry paints, trial set of STUDIO REBORN varnishes and mediums, needles, lanugo... All the materials will be yours to keep!

YOU NEED TO BRING: an already painted kit without details (no lips, eyebrows, nails and other details painted). An outfit for your baby. Filling materials will not be provided. At the end of the class I'll give you a Certificate of Participation and invite you in my private group for my students. I also offer free ongoing assistance for my students.

TO ENROLL: message me on FB Or email me at Hope to see you in my class!