Artists in this category must have a very good understanding of the reborning process

Judging Criteria:
  • Quality and execution of workmanship must be evident
  • Must have realistic skin tones showing layers and depth
  • Realistic mottling showing layering and depth
  • Realistically weighted
  • Nose must be shaded or drilled and backed
  • Realistic nails, tipped and sealed
  • Realistic veining with depth and an under the skin appearance
  • Realistic birthmark, scratches, or other baby marks (if present)
  • Rooted or applied eyelashes in natural shape
  • Painted or rooted eyebrows should be in a natural growth pattern
  • Blushing and creases must be well blended, no pooling of paint
  • Hair must be rooted and/or painted
  • Hair must be completely finished
  • No Hats, no bald babies
  • Hair must have natural patterns
  • Rooted hair rooted with direction, (not sticking straight up)
  • Hair must be a natural style for the age of the baby
  • Hair may have multiple hairs per rooted follicle
  • Overall aesthetic appeal and presentation
  • Excellence of concept, design
  • Quality and execution of workmanship
 Have you followed and completed all contest rules?

PLEASE NOTE: If there are insufficient entries in this category, R.O.S.E. reserves the right to eliminate the category from this year’s competition and move entries from this category into a different, appropriate category.

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