2024 Contests

Welcome to our 2024 Competitions!!


We invite you to show off your talent and display your work in our Contest Cove by entering your creation into the R.O.S.E. Awards competition. Regardless of your skill level, we have a contest that is designed for you!

You and your contest entry must be present at the Awards Banquet to be eligible to win an award.

You may submit as many entries as you like. You may enter any kit you like in any category, as long as the kit meets all criteria for the category. For limited edition kits, COA should be provided at registration.

Please carefully read all the rules to participate in the contests. By submitting a contest piece, you are agreeing that you have read and accept all contest rules.


Once you have purchased your contest submission, please sign up with the link below for a time slot to submit your contest entry. 


Entries must be submitted on Wednesday May 29th from 2pm-4:30pm, and May 30th from 8am to 3:40pm. You must sign up for a time to submit your entry. We cannot extend the entry period past the designated time slots, so please be on time to submit your contest entry!


Good Luck!

***There must be three entries into each category in order for that category to carry on into the contests.***


How to Enter
  1. Read all contest rules and information.
  2. Select category and pay contest fee (website only)
  3. Bring your submission(s) dressed in costume/attire, as it is part of the judging criteria. *Note: all submission(s) and props must be HIDDEN from view AT ALL TIMES prior to registration.
  4. You are responsible to bring posing supplies, pillows, blankets, props, etc. for any entry piece.
  5. Fill out the registration form available at the front desk.
  6. Check-in your contest entries. Dates and times will ne announced.
  7. A photograph of each submission with all accessories will be taken.
  8. Owners will be escorted with their contest submissions and display items to the contest area of the show floor to place submissions on display and make any final touch-ups on the display.
  9. Owners will then be escorted off the show floor and will NOT be allowed to touch their contest submissions again until after the Awards Banquet.