Beginning Sculpting by Marita Winters


This class is for beginners only.

If you have been sculpting and have produced a kit in vinyl or silicone, or are selling one of a kind dolls, I ask that you leave the spaces in this class for the beginners first. If there is any space left after the beginners have signed up, more advanced sculptors may put their names on a waiting list.

We will be sculpting a life size baby head, hand and foot. If there is time to finish the whole doll in class, we will try to get it finished.

In this class we will learn:

Proportions of a newborn baby

How to build a skull armature from inexpensive materials

How to sculpt the head, limbs, hands and feet, ears, mouth, nose, eyes.

How to sculpt for vinyl or silicone reproduction as opposed to One of a Kind All materials needed will be provided in class.


If you have a favorite tool or a favorite type of clay, please feel free to bring them.

If you can, please wear a light colored cotton top without fuzzies. This will help keep your clay cleaner.

Please keep in mind that sculpting a baby normally takes years of practice. I cannot promise that you will go home with a perfect baby, but you will go home with the knowledge to practice toward a more perfect sculpt. The cost of the course is $550

I am limiting the class to 10 students so that I will have more personal time with each of you.

To sign up for this class please contact me via email at

or contact me through facebook