Advanced Reborning Class, by Sonia Molina

ADVANCED Reborning 
with an hour lunch break (please bring your own lunch)
Hi everyone, my name is Sonia Molina, and I am a Spanish Reborn Artist. I've spent a lot of time getting all ready! I cannot describe how honored and happy I feel about this high level event.
If you would like to attend my advanced reborning class, please contact me. I will be there with you LIVE and showing ALL of my SKIN techniques (Paint effects, details, different textures and skin tones - advanced painting.) My advanced reborn training course shall be designed for a duration of at least 1 hour field introduction with me PAINTING LIVE. A FREE painted hair demonstration will be performed by myself without any additional charge. To encourage attendance, I would love to announce that my students will be drawn during the course and the winners will receive a prize: One of my own reborn babies painted by me. Pictures of this baby will be displayed over there for everyone to see--but most of all for my students.
ALL required material will be supplied at the workshop, and a reborn kit will be included in the price of the course.
The only form of payment accepted will be by paying 50% of the total price to reserve your spot, and the rest could be paid within 3 days before the course.
(Payments are paid by PayPal and only PayPal.)
I sincerely hope we will enjoy it and have such a wonderful time all together. P.S. Bring your smile along!