This category is for artists who love to create fantasy and animal dolls. These include fairies, vampires, mermaidsand other creative and modified dolls. Any animal breed is welcomeincluding Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Monkeys, Apes, Gorillas, etc.

Judging Criteria:
  • Paint must be evenly blended and smooth
  • No puddling, cracking, or build-up in the creases
  • If rooted, is rooting natural looking? (no pluggy root holes in skin)
  • No bloody, dead looking, or horror dolls accepted
  • No Nude or partially nude dolls (animals don’t need clothing)
  • You can create anything from your imagination
  • Overall aesthetic appeal and presentation
  • Clothing, when presentfits the character of the doll – ie; elves wear elvish clothing, fairies in fairy clothes, mermaids in mermaid designs, etc
  • Mastery of concept and design
  • Quality and execution of workmanship must be evident
  • Can be made from any medium: OOAK, Reborn, Silicone, BJD, Cloth, etc
  • No factory painted kits will be allowed

 Fantasy/Animal babies may use a kit from other artists and purchased clothing for their work. They may add modified ears/body parts to any kit.

 Have you followed and completed all contest rules?
PLEASE NOTE: If there are insufficient entries in this category, R.O.S.E. reserves the right to eliminate the category from this year’s competition and move entries from this category into a different, appropriate category.

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