Judging Criteria:
  • No rips or tears
  • Silicone should be non-translucent in coloring
  • Paint must be well blended
  • Realistic skin tones to age level of doll
  • Overall aesthetic appeal and presentation
  • Mastery of silicone painting process
  • Quality and execution of workmanship must be evident
  • If any Silicone is found to be made using any part of a vinyl kit that does not belong to the contest entrant or entrant does not have express permission to use said vinyl kit in silicone production, that entry will be disqualified
  • Silicone dolls can be sculpted by submitting artist or purchased as a kit and painted by submitting artist

 Have you followed and completed all contest rules?

 PLEASE NOTE: If there are insufficient entries in this category, R.O.S.E. reserves the right to eliminate the category from this year’s competition and move entries from this category into a different, appropriate category.

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