Hair Painting, by Christine Woolley

Reborn 3D hair painting with Christine Woolley Painting hair using Ultimate Fusion Paints This class is being offered by Christine Woolley of Silver Lining Art Dolls to share her 3D hair painting techniques with you.
In this class you will learn the basic to intermediate concepts of painting 3 Dimensional looking hair, including eyebrows and lunago, using Ultimate Fusion premium air dry paints.


The class will be held over the two days so you can complete a full head of hair.
In this class you will learn:
  • how to mix these paints to the correct consistency,
  • how to map the head of hair,
  • how to apply the paint with a specially hand cut brush in such a way that will help you mimic a realistic looking head of hair and you will also learn
  • how to layer the colors to give the hair more depth and a realistic, lifelike 3D look to your hair painting.

Supplies for class are included in the price and are as follows:

  • Both the blonde and brown tutorial hair painting books to take home with many full color high definition pages of my step by step technique guide in creating 3D hair as well as how to map out your head for painting.
  • A unique set available to the class only of both the blonde and brown paint sets in 6ml bottles so that you can try either color.
  • 2 brushes that I have hand trimmed for you sponges,
  • paint pallet and a syringe for exact measurement
  • Belly plate to practice on
  • Small containers to take left over paint home in
  • Brush for mixing paints

Students will need to bring:

  • Either a painted reborn head with no added texture to the hair area or a blank reborn head to class to paint hair on. (whichever you prefer) Head is to be no larger than 19” Magnifying glasses can help with fine work if you need them.
  • A light for personal use that will suit the table Cost of the class will be $425 Class will be limited to 16 students The class does not include lunch or drinks. Please bring your own food/drinks. We will take a break for lunch.

To sign up for this class, please email me at

or Facebook messenger Christine Woolley. I am so excited to teach this class and look forward to meeting you!