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I am an accidental reborn artist.

I studied at the California College of Art majoring in sculpture. I write and illustrate Children's books from my studio elevenmorning in Northern California. Some of the most amazing humans on the planet call me Mom and that is the best part of my life.

One day a friend asked me if I could make her a doll. Now I make a lot of these dolls.

Saint Cloud is my happy place. I love making these babies. They have been used in memory homes, childbirth education classes, in therapists offices, and in a few films on both coasts. I have a handful of awesome ladies and a couple cool guys who collect my babies and that might be my most favorite thing of all, I love to make people happy.

I paint deep, I like to use a lot of color and layers, I am not shy with shading and blushing. I work in series and things kinda evolve as I go. I am not a sculpt snob, some are more challenging than others and that just keeps this fun.

I am only doing customs for film and television at this time. I really just like painting babies without any limits, I like the idea of putting them out there and seeing who falls in love with them.

Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this...

and it is awesome.

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