Any Bountiful Baby Realborn® kit can be used to enter. 
To receive this award, artists must have extensive knowledge and mastery of the reborning process.

Judging Criteria: 
  • Quality and execution of workmanship must be evident
  • Must show extremely realistic skin tones depicting many layers of realistic tones and undertones
  • Realistic mottling that is well blended and has depth from layering
  • Realistic nail beds and tips in a natural color for skin tone of baby
  • Realistically weighted
  • Realistic blue undertones in appropriate areas
  • Inside of nose must be shaded and/or opened.
  • Capillaries must be painted in appropriate areas
  • Realistic birthmarks resembling that of a real baby (if present)
  • Realistic veining that shows depth and a below the surface appearance
  • Eyelashes must be rooted and have a realistic appearance
  • Eyebrows must be painted in a natural growth pattern and be layered
  • Hair must be either rooted and/or painted
  • Head must be completely finished
  • No hats, no bald babies
  • Hairstyle of baby must be age appropriate
  • Overall aesthetic appeal
  • Display should be in complimenting colors to baby’s coloring and clothing
  • Clothing and apparel will also be considered during this vote

Bountiful Baby will be the exclusive judges of this award.

Have you followed and completed all contest rules

PLEASE NOTE: If there are insufficient entries in this category, R.O.S.E. reserves the right to eliminate the category from this year’s competition and move entries from this category into a different, appropriate category.

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