Photography Class for Reborns

Welcome to photography for reborn babies! My name is Jennifer Lendhurst (JenLen). A vital part of the reborning process is taking quality images of your reborn baby showing off all the details of your work. Images can make or break the sale of your doll and it is very crucial to capture every important detail of your reborn baby for your customers to see.


      I have been a reborn artist since 2004 and became interested in photography in 2007. I became a newborn and wedding photographer for about 2 years. I gave up the business of photography to concentrate on making reborn babies. I still am involved with photography mainly with the reborn babies and close family and friends.

      In my class what I will be teaching is the basics of photography both beginner and advanced using DLSR cameras, point and shoot cameras, and even your cell phone. I will be teaching on how to see the light in photography how to pose your Reborn baby, and what types of props you can use and more! I will be also teaching for those of you who are interested in doing your own YouTube channel the basics of making videos with your reborns with the proper lighting, equipment and more.

      What you will need to bring to class is totally optional. Feel free to bring your reborn babies and your cameras to class.

      I will be providing adorable handmade photography newborn props by Faith Ann Crochet (my daughter). And various other props you can use for newborn/reborn photography. I will be also providing a private link to my YouTube video made just for this class on what we have covered.

      The class will be held Wednesday July 10th at 7 p.m. until when we are finished.

      I am looking so very forward to meeting each and everyone of you and taking beautiful photographs of your reborn babies!