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A love of dolls can bring generations together, warm hearts, and nurture souls. Paradise Galleries began in 1991 with a line of carefully reproduced dolls sculpted by world-renowned artists. We provide collectors around the world with the opportunity to have an artist treasure in their home through our limited edition dolls and heartfelt creations. Today, Paradise Galleries isn’t just about creating dolls.. we share our passion for dolls with a social community of active doll enthusiasts. Through our social media, we have almost 300,000 members sharing their passion for dolls.

Designed in our California studio, each doll we produce is an opportunity to create another connection for our customers. Customers have shared with us that having just the right doll has the power to comfort and soothe. Our purpose is to inspire generations of families and friends to share the happiness that dolls provide and to treasure life’s connections.

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