Gapalugas Reborn - Arte Perfeita by Luciana Amado

My name is Luciana C.D. Esposti Amado, I was born in 1973 and I live in Rio Claro - SP - Brazil, and I am an artist in Gapalugas Reborn - Arte Perfeita. I started this art in January 2010 in a modest room, researching and studying the art and delighting in these wonderful babies. As I always did crafts, which I love with passion, I was also interested in learning this art that delights me.
  Through a lot of research, study and training, in 2012, I had the courage to make my first baby, made from the Kaya by Eva Helland kit, but I called her Kyra. Today I am always perfecting so that when you look at my babies you really feel that you are looking at a real baby, not a doll.
    The name "Gapalugas" was the affectionate way I had to honor my family, see its meaning:
  "GA" - Gabriel "PA" - Paul "LU" - Luciana "GA" - Gabriela "S" - Family.
Thus was born Gapalugas Reborn, where I specialized in perfect art, to delight everyone and you who are learning about my work.
Thank you for your visit !!! Hugs
 Luciana Amado
Sem mais, agradeço a sua atenção e aguardo um retorno seus.
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