2018 Class Taught By:
Shanine Giasson (Bean Shanine)     
Bio of Artist
Fun, spunky, sparkly and up beat Bean Shanine.  Multi award winning artist Bean Shanine creates from the heart and her HUGE imagination!  Artist of the Year, multiple first place wins, Magazine print, PRA*SE award,and online articles every year since 2011! , her work also displayed in High end art Galleries.  Bean not only backs he work up by validating it in contests with wins, but also attends multiple shows a year to support fellow artists in person.  She not only creates beautiful one of a kind fantasy babies but always supports her fellow reborn, sculptor, collector friends!  Creating reborn's is a dream come true to Bean!  Inspiration, motivation, and creation is her world.  Now its time to pass on the fantasy bug and start teaching some classes. Bean is a Great, bright, fun, person to be around...but be warned she will get sparkles on you as glitter is in her veins...and shes a unicorn.

NOW LETS GET OUR Imagination to Shine!!



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This will be a:
2 Day Class
July 11/2018 *9:30am to 5pm
July 12/2018 *9:30am to 2pm


Student skill requirement for this Class is…you must love to have fun and be creative. This class can be taken by anyone, no matter your level of experience, Beginners are welcome!!

Fantasy Reborn painting is great because there are NO RULES. As long as you understand the basics of reborn painting using Genesis Heat Set Paints & Mediums (GHSP), you will be ready for Fairy painting.

I will be teaching Students techniques I use when creating reborn Pixies. Students will get to choose their Fantasy Color Palette. We will be painting our fairy with similar techniques used in ‘normal’ reborning: washes, mottlings, creases, even veining., but all a little different, with a Fantasy Twist!! Your Pixie baby will have skin tone depth and detail,  and you will learn all the color shading.  I will also be teaching using prismacolor pencils and creative ideas with many different bright color patterns.  We will then have a finished design on your own personal pixie baby that you have created with your very own twist on the finishing touches.  I will also be teaching shading multiple colors at once, mixing, blending, 3D color tones and highlighting.  

As long as time allows, I am aiming for everyone to leave with a fully finished Fantasy pixie/fairy baby!


Maximum Students
Cost per Student
Okay here is the list of supplies students would get
Supplies Included:
1 Cupcake Pixie baby kit (Bountiful Baby)
18mm Doll eyes
Genesis sample colors
Genesis mediums
Paint palette and/or Paint Mixing cups
1 paint drying rack
3-4 of my favorite brushes
Paint thinner for mixing
Fantasy inspired Mottling Sponges