Exhibitor List

Albie Wentzel

244 Day Lily Drive

All4Reborns by Julia Kristal

222 Sweet Pea Lane

Artistic Chezwiz by Tiffany Crosby

255 Magnolia Way

Azygous Kids Nursery by Deborah Fuxa

367 Magnolia Way

Baby Jubilee by Julie Beck

212 Day Lily Drive

BabyMine Nursery by Letha Mellman
165 Magnolia Way
Barb Michael
325 Sweet Pea Lane

Beginning Reborn Nursery & Boutique &
Briar Rose Nursery

391 Buttercup Court

Birds and Bows Reborn Nursery by Tiana Johnson

368 Day Lily Drive

Blue Fairy Babies by Karen Valtin
330 Day Lily Drive

Bonnie Brown

127 Sego Lily Square

Bountiful Baby

179 Sego Lily Square

Buckaroo Babies by Carson

226 Primrose Lane 

Butterfly Babies Nursery by Michelle Manning 

276 Magnolia Way

Cindy Musgrove
123 Primrose Lane

Coastal Cuties Nursery by Heather Murray

770 Daffodil Drive

Denise Pratt

123 Sego Lily Square

Dizon Designs & Pudditat Reborns by Susan Dizon Gibbs

400 Primrose Lane

Donna Martin

294 Day Lily Drive

Donna RuBert

248 Sweet Pea Lane

Elodies Babies by Elodie Pinagot

216 Primrose Lane

Emily Gentry Goldman

 355 Day Lily Drive

Enchanted Moments Nursery by Sarah Mellman
189 Magnolia Way
Evon Nather
133 Primrose Lane

Fet a ma Reborn by Lidia Torres Exposito

235 Primrose Lane

Forever Mine Babies 
by Rashaell Dyson

392 Primrose Lane

Forever Sprouts Nursery by Vivian Zamora
307 Sweet Pea Lane

Garden of Angels Nursery by Jeanene Candelaria

207 Sweet Pea Lane

Gemini Reborn Nursery by Richell Harp

258 Day Lily Drive

Cookie's Little Angels by Tangie Denkers

299 Primrose Lane

Heart 2 Heart Babies by Jackie Ortiz

393 Primrose Lane

HollyDolly Doll Art by Holly Art
304 Sweet Pea Lane

Incredababies by Jennifer Lincavicks

312 Day Lily Drive


700 Daffodil Drive 

Isabelle Zhao

229 Magnolia Way

Jacky's Little Honeybabys by Jacqueline Kramer
136 Day Lily Drive

Jennie Lee

712 Daffodil Drive

Keepsake Cuties Nursery by Shelby Hammond

365 Buttercup Court

Kootenay Reborn Nursery by Staci Carey

291 Magnolia Way

Little Ever After by Jillian DeCicco

385 Magnolia Way

Little Sprouts Nursery by Anna Mellman

 147 Magnolia Way

Lorraine Oliva
265 Sweet Pea Lane

Lula Mae’s Reborn Nursery by Jennifer Spence 

211 Magnolia Way

Ma and Daugh Reborns by Dessa Rae Greenwood

246 Magnolia Way

Made With Lilys Love by Angela Flanders

389 Day Lily Drive

Maria Valle Escudero by Angelitos Dulces 

856 Daffodil Drive

Marita Winters

315 Day Lily Drive

Melanie Math

230 DayLily Drive

Miracles by Melissa Ferrante

384 Daffodil Drive

Mertxe Martin Rebornina

219 Primrose Lane

Monika’s Place by Monika Pendygraft

226 Magnolia Way

My Forever Babies by JaNan Duncan

388 Day Lily Drive

My Pretty Babies by Tammy Hickling

225 Sweet Pea Lane

Nlovewithreborns by Stephanie Ortiz

369 Primrose Lane

Noe Art Dolls by Noemi Noe Roarks

387 Buttercup Court

Nonie’s Angels Nursery by Gina Smith 

262 Day Lily Drive

Pixie Mountain Creations by Laurie Duncan 

204 Sweet Pea Lane

Prize Drawings

159 Sweet Pea Lane

Reborn Dolls by Joyce Angel

215 Day Lily Drive

ROSE Cares Auction & Donations

162 Sego Lily Square

Sharon’s kids and Kritters by Sharon Richmond 

285 Buttercup Court

Sharron Hoffman

243 Magnolia Way

Shea's Reborn Babies by Shea Romero

283 Sweet Pea Lane

Sherri Williams Dolls

548 Daffodil Drive

Snugglebug Nursery

308 Magnolia Way

Something Lovely, Doll Art by Deanna Tranter

377 Daffodil Drive


185 Sweet Pea Lane

Susan’s Forevermore Creations by Susan Brown

269 Magnolia Way

Sweetheart Nursery by Gita Gran

311 Magnolia Way

Tiny Timm’s Nursery by Doris Timm

264 Primrose Lane

Tru Born 
by Bobbi Barfoot 

318 Primrose Lane 

Twinkle Toes Nursery

296 Primrose Lane

Twisted Beanstalk Nursery by Bean Shanine

358 Primrose Lane

Urbanrebornbabies by Tera Urban

380 Sweet Pea Lane

Work Shops

115 Sweet Pea Lane