Ethnic Reborning

Hello, dolly friends! My name is Jackie Ortiz. I am the professional reborn artist behind 'Heart 2 Heart Babies.' For the last 8 years (and, almost every single day of those 8 years), I have dedicated my time to practicing and mastering the art of reborning. It has been a long and exhausting road, my friends! But, I survived! And, I am here to share with you what I have learned.

In my career as a reborn artist, I have created various types of skin tones and dedicated an endless amount of time to perfecting them. This hard work has definitely paid off in multiple ways, for me. However, my biggest pay off is being asked to teach the 2019 ethnic reborn class at the R.O.S.E. Doll Show exposition…..again!!!! 

So, here I am, offering 10 spots for 10 students to join me for 2 FULL DAYS and paint an ethnic reborn doll. These are 10 less spots than my 2018 ethnic class.

Feel free to check out my Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Channel, and Patreon for more of my work! You can find me under ‘Jackie Ortiz’ or ‘heart2heartbabies.’ Also, feel free to message me privately if you have any issues accessing any of these platforms:


Two Day Class
Wednesday, July 10th 9:30am-5pm
Thursday, July 11th 9:30am-3pm
Cost $500
Max Student Capacity

As a treat and appreciation to my students, I will be giving away 2 BRAND NEW doll kits (the same kits that we will be painting in class) to 2 students in this class. 

AND….*drumroll please* ….THE TEACHING DOLL!! 

What do you mean “the teaching doll?” If you guys attended my class last year, you noticed that I took a TEACHING DOLL so that you guys can see what your doll could potentially look like if you follow all of my steps. This teaching doll was baby Evangeline! She was rooted and dressed so nicely! However, Evangeline was a PATREON GIVEAWAY, so, I couldn’t gift her to my class. But this time, the teaching doll will be available and raffled within my 10 students! She (the doll) will have a special package that the winner will get to take with them. 

A photo and small footage will be required with all 3 winners.

Giveaways will happen at 2pm, on July 11th.


If you took my class last year, you will automatically receive a $75 discount! So, make sure, during check out, you select the correct item! Thank you so much for your love and support! And, welcome again!!! I am so delighted to be seeing you and to be working with you again! If a new student pays using the discount option, they will be billed for the remaining $75 and given a timeframe to pay. If agreement cannot be met, the fee will be refunded.


Along with drinks and snacks, I will also be providing lunch for all 10 of my students during both class days. For the 2018 class, we had dominos pizza. We can always take a vote and see what people are in the mood for. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Please expect to hear from me within 24 hours of your purchase.

I will be providing the following to each student: 

1 limited edition doll kit, sample size paints (Genesis Heat Set Paints), quality painting brushes, paper towels, painting pad, quality drying rack, painting palette, sample size thinning medium, sample size thickening medium, sample size refined linseed oil, sample size odorless thinner, cosmetic wedges, 1 mottling sponge, sample size gloss, 1 pen, 1 notepad, and online access to a painting tutorial (made specifically for the ROSE Doll Show class)


Instructor will provide the following for the entire class: 

Multiple Nuwave Ovens, Fans for Cooling

Student needs to bring their PASSION TO PAINT!

We will be creating a baby with a similar skin tone as the dolls you see on this page and my social media accounts.

Thank you, to everyone, who has supported me and helped me get to where I am in my career as a reborn doll artist. I love, appreciate, adore, and respect every single one of you. I am excited to see how the 2019 R.O.S.E Doll Show Exposition already taking off so successfully. We have a sold out show, you guys! So, book your tickets soon! 2019 is going to rock our world!

See you there!

Much Love, 
Jackie Ortiz


Jackie's Reborn Doll Ethnic Painting Class