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About Me

Hi, I'm Julie Molloy, I live in Michigan, USA
My baby making journey started as a young girl creating rag dolls and soft sculpture babies from nylon, it fed my desire and passion to grow into making the most life like baby dolls possible.
I started my business in 2004 being a sculpting artist for Secrist Toys, then branching out in 2005 on my own and having other vinyl kits manufactured.
I started creating silicone lifelike babies in 2009.
Today I am so blessed to be able to create the most lifelike, realistic babies in my customized extra soft platinum silicone recipe blend.
We will have my brand new full size newborn babies Fiona and Frankie there and also a tiny 3-1/2" mini soft silicone baby to take home with you! We will also have a whole table full of other small baby accessories to choose from.
I would be Very Excited and honored to have you visit our booth and snuggle my babies at the show!!

My Work