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I am Julie Beck.I live in Florida. I have always loved dolls and dollhouses. I discovered lifelike dolls/reborn dolls in 2008 while searching for a miniature baby for my dollhouse. I was instantly amazed by how real the dolls looked. After purchasing one, I knew I had to learn how to create them. I spent a lot of time reading techniques and seeking advice on doll forums before getting started. I initially just planned to make dolls for myself but I enjoyed creating them so much I began making them to sell. I have sold on ebay, through my website, and many doll shows. I have been selling at the ROSE doll show since 2014in North Carolina, then 2015 in Colorado and 3 years in the current Utah location. ROSE is the doll show of all doll shows! I look forward to it all year long!

My dolls are created from authentic vinyl doll kits and painted with extreme care and attention to detail. I enjoy the process of completing each doll and bringing it to life. My dolls are weighted to feel real with just the right amount flexibility, softness, and weight. I will have a variety of dolls available at the 2019 ROSE show as well as some Will'beth clothing for sale. Please visit me at table 118.

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