Beginner Air Dry Painting


Hello, my name is Elisabetta Monari, and I’m a doll artist.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, and have been creating dolls all my life. I work with various media, including sculpting, but my favorite so far has been painting reborn babies, which I’ve done for over 14 years.
I’m offering for the ROSE Doll Show attendees the basic reborning class that I’ve been offering successfully for over five years in Italy. Many people have attended my classes in person and online and I’m incredibly proud of their work!
The class is perfect for beginners as well for people who never picked up a brush in their life. It’s also useful for people who want to switch from Genesis paints to air dry.
My class is very funny and upbeat, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. The main point is to have lots of fun!
At the end of the class you will leave with a fully painted and assembled reborn baby.


All the materials needed are included in the class fee. You will receive:
∙ A reborn doll kit of my choice (SURPRISE!!!)
∙ A body for your baby
∙ A handmade outfit to dress your baby
∙ A diaper, just in case
∙ A sample sized set of my paints, STUDIO REBORN, that I’ve developed over the years
∙ A set of primers, varnishes and gels to enhance your painting experience
∙ A set of artistic brushes
∙ Several sponges, both to paint and mottling
∙ A paint palette
∙ Two Prismacolor pencils to map hair
∙ Two handmade pouches to hold weighing materials for your baby
∙ Glass beads and polyfil to complete your baby
∙ A booklet to remind you of the passages
∙ A few surprises here and there


I will teach you how to prime your reborn baby, paint base skin tones, veining, mottling in several colors and shades, details like capillaries, milia, stork bites and birthmarks, realistic eyebrows, and a basic understanding of hair painting, how to realistically distribute weight in your baby, how to fill and assemble your baby. YOU WILL LEAVE WITH A COMPLETELY PAINTED AND ASSEMBLED REBORN BABY.


My class is based on approximately eight (8) hours of instruction. We will take a short break for lunch in between. Times are TBD at the moment


I accept a maximum of 15 people in my class.
The class fee is $ 350.
Reservations must be secured by a deposit of $ 150. Balance must be paid no later than 2 weeks before the class, unless individual arrangements are made at sign up time.
The deposit and class balance are non refundable in case you will not be able to complete payment or attend the class.
You can transfer your deposit to someone else no later than 3 days before class starts.
If there are less than 5 people enrolled the class will be cancelled and all deposits and fees will be refunded.
If for any reason I’m the one unable to come hold the class, any deposits and fees will be

Air Dry
July 11th 2019
8am - 6pm