Advanced Reborning Class

Advanced Reborning by Stephanie Ortiz
I am Stephanie Ortiz, also known as nlovewithreborns2011. I have been collecting reborn dolls since 2011. I started creating reborns about two months after collecting them. I learned my skills from my wife. I have taken what she has taught me and came up with my own style of painting. Not only do I create dolls, but I have a very successful YouTube channel where I share my hobby and talent with the world. Creating reborn babies isn’t a must in my life, it is a passion.

“It’s not art, it’s love” – nlovewithreborns2011

Dont be afraid to attend this advanced class, even though it is an advance class I can teach anyone how to paint just like me, beginner or advanced you are all  welcome.

I will be teaching you guys my new painting style. The more natural baby look, but with still lots of depth to achieve a realistic skin tone. I will be teaching students techniques I use when creating reborn at an advanced level. I am going to teach you how to reach outside of your normal reborn box. Here you will use a vase aray of washes and mottling to create your baby. Your Reborn baby will have skin tone depth and detail; this baby is going to have lots of depth to create its skin tone. 

As long as time allows, I am aiming for everyone to leave with a fully painted reborn kit, if you don’t finish you will have access to a tutorial at home! After the doll show you will also be added to my Facebook group “nlovewithreborns2011 reborn students”. In this group you will have access to tutorials. This will be a place for you to share your work and ask questions without being judged. We are all in that group to learn and have fun.


Maximum Students
Cost per Student

Supplies Included: 

  • Realborn kit (no body but you can bring one for yourself to build the baby at the show. They have a hospital there were you can pay a small fee to have them put the baby together. )
  • Individual set Genesis paints needed to create colors in the class
  • Genesis mediums needed to create reborn baby in class
  • Paint palette and/or Paint Mixing cups
  • paint drying rack
  • painting pallet to mix paints in
  • Brushes (you are more than welcome to bring the brushes you like)
  • Sponges
  • Paint thinner for mixing in class
  • Mottling Sponges