2020 Exhibitor List

Aleina Peterson
Table 176
Alejandra De Zuniga
Booth 239
Alexa Clavo / Bianca Franke
Booth 147
All4Reborns by Julia Kristal Table 388
Angels by Noemi Smith
Table 181
Anna Sheva Dolls
Table 328
Artistic Creations by Luciana Miglioranzi
Booth 380
Ashton-Drake Galleries
Booth 360
Baby Adventures Collections by Sierra
Booth 369
Baby Jubilee by Julie Beck
Table 120
Baby Love Nursery / Attie Mellman
Table 83
Baby Love Reborn Nursery by Pastora Heredia
Table 30

Babystrick Aus Spanien

Maria Valle Escudero

Mamen Del Moral

Booth 408
Belinda Woldruff
Table 351
Birgit Stahler
Table 45
Blue Fairy Babies by 
Karen Valtin
Table 330
Boo Hoo Silicones by Paula Briggs
Table 32
Brightly Beare Babies Accessories
Table 78
Breeanna Schilling
Table 364
Briar Rose Nursery by Julie Raleigh
Booth 41
Butterfly Reborns by Michelle Manning
Booth 93
Butterfly Reborns by Michelle Manning
Table 92
Bunny Bunskins by Mykel Delaserna
Table 379
Caroline Jones
Table 240
Carries Ball Babies
Table 53
Cat Creation Reborns by Catherine M Johnson
Booth 69
Charles Moore
Table 339
Charlotte Webb Creations Booth 359
Chemar Silicone Nursery by Cheryl Martin
Booth 136
Cindy Musgrove
Booth 186
CocoReborn by Mercedes Ceballos Table 147
Crescent Moon Nursery by Roxanne Mulero
Booth 221
Deborah's Darlings
Table 124
Diane O'Daniel
Table 72
Dizon Designs and Doll Works by Susan Gibbs
Booth 397
Dolls by Virginia Comish
Booth 54
Dolly Hospital
Table 75
Donna Rubert
Booth 187
Doris Timm
Booth 238
Elena Matterna
Table 158
Elisabetta's Babies by Elisabetta Monari
Table 70

Elizabeth Barnett

Table 58

Enchanted Kreature Kits

Booth 82

Enchanted Moments Nursery

Booth 74
Evon Nather
Booth 193
F & C Reborn Dolls by Flory Castro
Table 84
Fifi & Fox Reborn Nursery by Courtney weir
Booth 111
Fleur Bébés Nursery by 
Lena Smith
Booth 183
Forever Sproutz Nursery by Vivian Zamora
Table 323
Mya Babies
Booth 48
Gabby Donner
Table 353
Gabrieels Little Angels by Marie Gabrieel
Table 196
Garden of Angels by Jeanene Candelaria
Table 95
Gemini Reborn Nursery by Richell Harp
Table 338
Gapalugas Reborn by Luciana Amado
Booth 18
Ghadir Alshirazi
Booth 178
Gyongyi Vago
Table 241
Heidi McCree
Table 197
Hermi Cuquerella
Table 50
Holly Dolly Art
Booth 360
Jacqueline Kramer
Booth 106
Jade Lucia
Booth 88

Jade Warner


Lisa Sylvia

Booth 420
Joyce Angel
Booth 331
Juana Zepeda
Table 24
Katelyn Lane Reborns by Dana Heimerl
Table 163
Keepsake Cuties Nursery by Shelby Hammond
Booth 416
Kellie Beckett
Table 147
Kelly Brisco
Table 96
Kimberly Hedgecock
Booth 89
Booth 119
Kristina Backoefer
Booth 322
La Trece Bailey
Table 124
Lana Rodriguez Table 384
Lauren Jaimes
Table 206
Letha Mellman
Tables 91
Linda Murray  Cradle-Art
Booth 142
Lindsey Richard
Table 65
Lisa Torres
Table 350
Little Ever After by Jillian Decicco
Booth 389
Little Mouse Nursery by Kelli Maple
Booth 175
Little Peanut Nursery by Madison Simmons
Table 209
Little Punkins by Donna Martin Table 286
Little Sprouts Nursery
Booth 60
Little Sweethearts by Deni Young
Table 86
Luciana Amado
Booth 18
Lula Mae's Reborn Nursery by Jennifer Spence
Table 121
MacPherson Arts & Crafts
Booth 71
Madeline's Miracles Reborns
Table 184
Mama Wid Nursery by Lori Widney
Table 64
Maria Grover Art Dolls
Booth 315
Meadowfinch by Barrie Hamby
Table 63
Melody Hess Dolls
Booth 336
 Mia Maria's Nursery
Table 76
Michelle Rowell
Table 356
Monika's Place by Monika Pendygraft
Booth 153
Moore Love Nursery by Regina Moore
Table 384
My Blissful Babies by Melanie Math
Table 145
My Tiny Little Boo by Rita Ramnarong
Table 61
Mya Babies
Booth 48
Nae's Reborn Nursery by Denae Culbreth
Booth 49
Nana's Nursery by Kristine Albrecht
Table 385
Noemi Roarks
Booth 337
Olivia Miller
Booth 321
Ooak Babies by Jennifer Costello
Table 195
Paper Moon Babies by Kimber O'shea
Booth 62
Paqui Galan
Booth 36
Paradise Galleries
Booth 23
Peggy Elder Plant
Table 67
Penny's Tiny Closet by Erin Nelson
Table 29
Picket Fence Babies by Rachel LaFlamme Table 63
Pink Peony Reborns by Lynn Buonpensiero
Table 225
Pixie Mountain Creations by Laurie Duncan
Booth 112
Pocket Full of Posies Reborn Nursery
Booth 11
Pumpkin Doodle Babies by Kory Basler
Table 226
Rebeca Quiros
Table 46
Rebecca Burrows
Table 367
Rebecca Chamblee
Table 262
Reborn and Silicone Dolls by Nadine
Booth 137
Rebornkisses Art Dolls by Ashley Stone
Booth 355
Reggies Dolls by Reggie Ellis
Table 55
Rhonda Janetski
Table 21
Saint Cloud Nursery Gina Gabriell
Table 339
Seaside Babies by Nichola Johnston
Booth 80
Seji Reborns
Table 37
Sew Lovely Creations by Sherry Hawkins
Tables 52 & 68
Sharon's Kids and Kritters
Booth 296
Sharron Hoffmann
Table 144
Sheas Reborn Babies by Shea Romero
Booth 99
Shelly's Reborn Creations
Table 68
Sherri Williams
Booth 272

Sue Ellen Taormina


Lisa Sylvia

Booth 428
Sue Ward
Table 125
Sweet Potato Pie Nursery by Ladonna Briggs
Booth 110
Tangie Denkers
Booth 299
The Lesser's Lovely Little Reborns
Booth 19
Tiny Gifts Nursery by Helena Zwolfer
Booth 44
Tiny Toez Nursery by Connie Kavanagh
Table 368
Tiny Tots Nursery by Ronda Scott
Table 208
Tippy Toes Creations by Sharon Thibodeux
Table 148
Tru Born by Bobbi Barfoot-Perez
Booth 253
Victoria Jane's Miracles by Victoria Perry
Table 209
Victoria Miller
Booth 51
Virginia Repilado and Merche Gómez
Tables 263 & 289
Weebabies Nursery by Jennie Lee
Booth 393
Wee Wunz Designs by Eileen Giumelli
Booth 190
William Moran
Booth 94
William's Nursery by Jennifer Felt
Table 73
Winters Whimsies by Marita Winters
Booth 320
Woobiebabies by Amy Bigos
Table 175
Yarimar Knobler
Booth 154
Yophi Babies by Enrique Alvarez
Booth 215