2019 Exhibitor List

Aleina Peterson
Booth 52
Alejandra De Zunigao
Booth 56
Alexa Calvo
Table 158
All4Reborns by Julia Kristal
Table 388
 Angela Teachout
Table 48

Angelitos Dulces Nursery by Maria Valle Escudero

Pekenines Nursery by Marienca Gago

Temura Reborn Nursery by Mamen Del Moral 

Booth 806
Angels by Noemie
Table 225
Annie Bailey
Table 350
Artistic Cheezwiz by Tiffany Crosby Table 42
Ashton-Drake Galleries
Booth 360
Babies N' Bubbles by Luciana Miglioranzi
Booth 389
Baby Adventures
Booth 380
Baby Jubilee by Julie Beck
Table 118
BabyMine Nursery by Letha Mellman
Table 98
Babystrick aus Spanien by Ines Maria Jimenez Fernandez
Booth 86

Belinda Woldruff

Table 35
Bianca Franke
Table 144
Birds & Bees Nursery by Julie Molloy Booth 645
Blue Fairy Babies by Karen Valtin
Table 324
Bonnie Brown
Booth 89
Bountiful Baby
Brenda Maxwell Table 50
Brenda Scott
Table 209
Butterfly Babies by Michelle Manning
Booth 336
Cat Creations by Cat Johnson
Booth 99
Charlotte Webb Creations by Kathleen Leslie
Booth 46
Chemar Silicone Nursery by Cheryl Martin
Booth 296
Cindy Musgrove
Booth 117
Creative Newborns Table 240
Crescent Moon Nursery by Roxanne Mulero
Table 338

Cuddly Blessings Reborns &  Breeanna's Blissful Babies

Booth 60
Dana Heimerl
Table 70
Denise Pratt
Diane O'Daniel
Table 58
Dizon Designs and Doll Works by Susan Gibbs
Booth 397
DM-H Studio
Table 286
Dolly Hospital
Table 92
Eileen Giumelli
Table 54
Elena Westbrook Babies
Booth 239
Elsie Rodriguez
Booth 44
Emily Gentry Goldman
Table 323
Enchanted Kreature Kits by Sarah Mellman
Table 79
Enchanted Moments Nursery by Sarah Mellman
Table 63
Table 72
FiFi & Fox Reborn Nursery by Courtney Weir
Booth 359
Fleur Bébés Nursery, by Lena Smith
Booth 273
Forever Mine Babies by Rashell Dyson Table 392
Forever Sproutz Nursery by Vivian Zamora Table 328
GAPALUGAS REBORN-Art Perfect by Luciana Amado
Table 47
Garden Of Angels by Jeanene Candelaria
Table 143
Grandma Cookie's Little Angels by Tangie Denkers
Booth 299
Happy Hippo Reborn's by Karin Harris-O'Leary
Table 147
HBN Art Dolls by Evon Nather
Booth 127
HollyDolly Doll Art by Holly Hansen
Booth 110
Ingrid Gordon
Table 363
Irresistables Booth 602
Jacalyn Cassidy Table 33
Jacky's Little Honeybabys by Jacqueline Kramer
Booth 136
Jade Lucia
Booth 74
Janelin Moises
Table 41
Jennifer Lesser Booth 517
Joyce Angel Table 121
Keepsake Cuties Nursery by Shelby Hammond
Booth 712
Kellie Beckett
Table 197
Kimber's Kiddos Nursery
Table 385
Kristie Carwithen
Booth 89
RebornKisses Art Dolls
Table 335
Lauren Jaimes Table 263
Linda Hill
Booth 130
LLE Art Dolls by Laura Lee Eagles Booth 88
Little Ever After by Jillian J De Cicco
Booth 331
Little Punkins by Donna Martin
Table 224
Little Sprouts Nursery 
Table 95
Littles Nursery by Sharron Hoffman
Table 146 
Lorna Miller-Sands
Booth 106 
L.R. Design Studios by Laurie Roy 
Booth 387
Lula Mae’s Reborn Nursery by Jennifer Spence 
Table 119
Ma and Daugh Reborns by Dessa Rae Greenwood
Table 176
MacPherson Arts & Crafts Booth 71
Made With Lilys Love by Angela Flanders
Table 356
Maria Lynn Dolls
Booth 315
Marita Winters
Booth 320
Madeline’s Miracles Reborns
Table 262
Melissa's Miracles by Melissa Ferrante
Table 384
Melody Hess Dolls
Table 161
Mia Maria's Nursery by
Sarah Korstange
Table 195
Michelle's Crazy Custom Dolls by Michelle Woods Table 68
Mini Miracles by Mirte
Table 210
Monika's Place by Monika Pendygraft Table 22
Moon Cradle Reborn Dolls by Kristina DeMedeiros
Table 351
Motor City Doll Haus by Kimberly Edwards Table 53
My Blissful Babies by Melanie Math
Booth 393
My Forever Babies by Janan Duncan
Table 368
Maria Jordano bustos
Booth 76
Nana's Nursery by Kristine Albrecht
Table 65
Near and Far Nursery by Caroline Jones
Table 73
Nlovewithreborns2011 by Stephanie Ortiz
Booth 337
Nonie's Angels by Gina Anderson Smith
Booth 271
Olivia Miller
Booth 303
OOAK Babies by Jennifer Costello
Table 241
Paqui Galán
Booth 62
Paradise Galleries
Booth 18
Ping Lau & Linda Sklevaski
Booth 524
Pixie Mountain Creations by Laurie Duncan
Booth 278
Pocket Full of Posies Reborn Nursery by Jackey Brake
Table 327
Precious Pearl Baby Nursery by Andrea Kovari
Booth 321
Purple Peanut Nursery by Ashley Kelley
Booth 51
Rebecca Chamblee
Table 208
Reborn Daddies Nursery by Jey & Ty
Booth 18
Reborn Dolls by Joyce
Booth 221
Richell Harp Table 364
Rita Rich Originals/Arnold Babies by Rita Rich Arnold
Table 223
ROSE Cares Auction & Donations
Table 82
Rosies Baby Patch by Rosemary Brutto
Table 226
Saint Cloud Nursery
Table 177
Sandra White
Booth 89 
Sarah Wood
Table 385
Sharon’s kids and Kritters by Sharon Richmond
Booth 298
Shea's Reborn Babies by Shea Romero
Booth 93
Sherri Williams Dolls
Booth 272
Silvia Ezquerra
Table 172
Silver Lining Art Dolls by Christine Anne Woolley
Table 163
Susan Ward
Table 61
SweetBaboo by 
Barb Michael
Booth 90
Sweet Potato Pie Nursery by LaDonna C. Briggs
Booth 49
The Poor Damm Farm Creations by Jacklyn Damm
Booth 287
The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery by Shanine Giasson
Booth 69
Tiny Timm’s Nursery by Doris Timm
Booth 246
Tippy Toes Creations by Sharon Thiobodeaux Table 23
Tippy Toes Nursery
Table 91
Tru Born by Bobbi Barfoot
Booth 253
Twinkle Toes Nursery by Kristina Backoefer
Table 21
Virginia Comish
Table 353
Weebabies Nursery by Jennie Lee
Booth 880
Wendy Dickinson
Table 115 
Whiting Dolls by Christina Vassill Whiting
Booth 304
Yophi Babies by
Lorraine & Enrroke Yophi 
Booth 201